• Here's mud in your eye - August 26, 2018.mp327:45
  • Standing before the Word - August 19, 2018.mp328:37
  • Do you want to be made well - August 12, 2018.mp324:32
  • You will never wash my feet - August 5, 2018.mp329:00
  • Give me a drink - July 29, 201831:12
  • The wind blows where it chooses - July 22, 201826:41
  • Fill the jars with water - July 15, 201824:43
  • Come and see - July 8, 201830:07
  • Awaken (Will we ever use a different name?)20:08
  • Awaken (yet again)20:02
  • Awaken (again)19:42
  • Awaken19:42
  • News From the Frontlines35:43
  • Uncertainty of Worry28:21
  • Uncertainty of Obedience25:31
  • Uncertainty of Mortality31:27
  • Uncertainity of Surrender29:05
  • Uncertainity of Forgiveness24:00
  • Uncertainity of Faith14:51
  • How God Saves Us: Justifying Grace23:11
  • How God Saves Us: Prevenient Grace23:35
  • Renewable Resources25:38
  • Looking Forward24:31
  • Looking Back19:34
  • The Two Who Didn't Make the Nativity But Should Have21:16
  • The Gift of Peace19:16
  • The Gift of Hope14:37
  • The Gift of Love21:25
  • MMC Sunday24:40
  • Camp Fire Stories: Esther31:12
  • Revelation: Worship Christ the King30:04
  • Revelation: Trust in God's Power29:31
  • Revelation: Stand on Truth33:16
  • Revelation: Focus on God28:50
  • Camp Fire Stories: Judge28:23
  • Camp Fire Stories: Warrior26:56
  • Resilience: Sabbath pt 328:37
  • Resilience: Sabbath pt 223:57
  • Resilience: Sabbath23:39
  • Resilience: Vocation20:38
  • Resilience: Practice and Habits19:40
  • Resilience: Models, Mentors and Friends22:40
  • Resilience: Identity23:25
  • The Lord of the Harvest22:03
  • Call to Holiness: The Missional Call28:05
  • Call to Holiness: The Social Call26:26
  • Call to Holiness: The Personal Call17:10
  • God's Love is worth sharing24:53
  • God's Love Saves Us17:10
  • God's Love is Always with Us18:16
  • God's Love Changes Us23:24
  • God's Love is a Gift27:29
  • Rise Up: Ministry with Christ22:12
  • Rise Up: Seated with Christ29:05
  • Rise Up: Victorious with Christ29:33
  • Rise Up: Present with Christ23:38
  • Rise Up: Exalted with Christ25:50
  • Cave Time - Cave of Resurrection20:51
  • Cave of Resurrection 20:51
  • Cave Time- Cave of Hopelessness36:03
  • Cave Time- Cave of Grief36:03
  • Cave of Temptation 21:06
  • Cave Time - Depression & Depletion31:38
  • Cave Time - Fear23:32
  • Cave Time - Anger18:10

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We invite you to join us on Sundays!  Two different style worship services take place in our beautiful sanctuary. If you love to worship with a more informal setting, then you will want to choose the 8:15 a.m hour. If you love the wonders of a beautiful pipe organ and a Chancel choir, then 10:30 a.m. is your hour. Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m for ALL ages.  More Sunday Info...

​We exist to make Disciples of Jesus Christ by ENGAGING, CONNECTING, EQUIPPING, and SENDING people for Jesus and making our community a better place to live.

The First United Methodist Church of Pulaski is there to help when you want to celebrate the good tidings and when you need to reach out for prayer and help. 

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We invite you to worship with us on Sunday mornings and want to personally welcome you to First United Methodist Church if Pulaski, where our church has a long-lasting and abundant history of effective ministry. 

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Phone: (931) 363-2595  |    Address: 200 West Jefferson St., Pulaski, TN 38478  |  Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM